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Industrial Textiles

Polishing cloths, Needle punched felt, Drive belts, fabrics for coating, High tenacity yarns etc.

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Medical Textiles

Healthcare/hygiene products : beddings, clothings, surgical clothes, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.

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Transport Textiles

Air bag fabrics, Tyre cord fabrics, Automotive upholstery, Comfort and decoration (seating, carpets, interior) etc.

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Eco Textiles

Erosion prevention textiles, Geomembranes for landfills etc.

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Packaging textiles

FIBC big bags, Laundry bags, Sacks for storage, Food soaker pads, Net packaging for storing etc.

Display Profile » Eco Textiles

Eco Textiles Eco stands for new ideas and interesting concepts using Technical Textiles for environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling. It overlaps with several other areas, including industrial textiles (filtration media), geotextiles (erosion protection, insulation and sealing of toxic waste) and agricultural textiles (e.g. minimizing water loss from the land and reducing the need for use of herbicides by providing mulch to plants). The products under Eco segment can include geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners from geotech segment; air and water filters from indutech segment, etc.

Growth of this segment depends upon the inclination of an economy in adopting the ecologically balanced concepts in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling over the traditional methods which adversely impact the environment. Indian Eco segment is expected to grow at 22% to US$ 66 million by 2016-17 as per estimates of the Working Group on Textiles and Jute Industry, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.