Technotex : FICCI
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Industrial Textiles

Polishing cloths, Needle punched felt, Drive belts, fabrics for coating, High tenacity yarns etc.

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Medical Textiles

Healthcare/hygiene products : beddings, clothings, surgical clothes, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.

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Eco Textiles

Erosion prevention textiles, Geomembranes for landfills etc.

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Packaging textiles

FIBC big bags, Laundry bags, Sacks for storage, Food soaker pads, Net packaging for storing etc.

Display Profile » Packaging Textiles

  • FIBC big bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) for powdered & granular materials
  • Laundry bags and other bulk packaging products
  • Twine and string for tying packages (excludes agricultural applications)
  • Non-paper tea bags and coffee filters
  • Net packaging for storing, packing, transporting, retailing, foodstuffs, toys
  • Woven fiber strapping, lightweight mailbags