Technotex : FICCI
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Industrial Textiles

Polishing cloths, Needle punched felt, Drive belts, fabrics for coating, High tenacity yarns etc.

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Medical Textiles

Healthcare/hygiene products : beddings, clothings, surgical clothes, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc.

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Eco Textiles

Erosion prevention textiles, Geomembranes for landfills etc.

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Packaging textiles

FIBC big bags, Laundry bags, Sacks for storage, Food soaker pads, Net packaging for storing etc.

Display Profile » Protective Textiles

  • Fire service equipment, bullet-proof jackets, army tents, extinguishing blankets
  • Fabrics with waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Mountain safety ropes, climbing harness
  • Protective clothing fabrics for protection from fire, bullets, Special jackets, attire to
  • combat severe temperatures
  • Fabrics for disposable garments worn to provide protection against harmful chemicals, gases and pesticides
  • Fluorescent and Phosphorescent fabrics
  • for gilets, trousers
  • Fabrics of fire-retardant yarns/heat resistant yarns/ fibers are under protech
  • Weapons rolls / bandoleers